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What to Look for In Car Quote Services ?
Car quote services answer many questions car buyers should consider besides price and appearance to find the right car or truck to meet your preferences and lifestyle. For example, will you need a vehicle for work, recreation or both? Who will use the vehicle the most? Is the vehicle family friendly? What is the fuel economy? What are the safety features? What maintenance costs are involved?

Below are the criteria Top 10 Review used to evaluate car quote services:

Service Features

A helpful car quote services website will offer in–depth information that potential car buyers need to make an informed decision such as pricing on new and used cars, detailed expert reviews, consumer reviews, safety and reliability ratings, road and crash tests, multiple photographs of interior and exterior features and information on numerous vehicles available in your area. Some sites provide impressive extra features like video road tests from expert reviewers, 360° photographic tours of the interior and exterior from car manufacturers and special pricing based on customized features.  Sites are also beginning to add information on going Green for your next vehicle.

Ease of Use

Good organization and ease of navigation are important for car quote services sites. A permanent menu toolbar or tabs located at the top of each page should separate the main sections of the site as well as plenty of links. Although most car quote services sites have a large amount of information on each page, a well-organized site will not appear cluttered and specific information is easy to find. A good site will “walk” sellers through the process of setting up an account, entering car or truck details and uploading photographs. To sell at a fair and competitive price, many sites also offer appraisal/trade–in values based on car make, model, year and condition of the vehicle.

Effective Search Results

Once you’ve made a decision about the car or truck that’s right for you, it’s important for a car quote services site to provide ads for multiple vehicles available in your area from auto dealers and private sellers. You can search based on price, make, model and year.


Helpful car quote services sites will provide telephone and email contact information as well as FAQs. Dependable sites will answer questions sent by email within a couple of days.

The Following are Top 10 Best Car Quote Service Review



Edmunds offers a section of car tips and advice where nothing is off limits.

You can sell your car on Edmunds through AutoTrader with your choice of two types of advertising packages: an online classified ad or an online classified ad plus an ad printed in AutoTrader magazine. Your ad will appear on AutoTrader, Yahoo! Autos, AOL Autos, CompuServ, Netscape, Univision.com, NADA Guides and Facebook.

For online classified ads:

  • $25.99 includes 3 photos, a detailed description and the ad runs 3 weeks.
  • $49.99 includes 9 photos, a detailed description, “Premium Listing” status, ad activity reports and the ad runs 8 weeks.
  • $69.99 includes 18 photos, a detailed description, “Premium Listing” status, ad activity reports and the ad runs until your vehicle is sold.

 If you are looking for a social media outlet to discuss your car thoughts on Edmunds offers CarSpace – ‘The Car Enthusiasts Automotive Lifestyle Social Networking Site’.

Ease of Use:
Edmunds is extremely easy to use. Tabs at the top of each page identify each major section of the website, which make it easy to navigate. Each page contains a lot of helpful information and links to other parts of the site. While the pages are loaded with information they are also well organized so you can easily find specific information.

On the top left hand side of the website Edmunds also offers a directory of site information.  This is useful if you know what you are searching for, but are not sure where you might find the information.

To sell your car, AutoTrader “walks” you through the process of entering your vehicle description, details and uploading photos.

Effective Search Results:
When searching for your next vehicle, enter your zip code and Edmunds will direct you to AutoTrader to find local auto dealers and private sellers of the cars or trucks you are interested in by the make, model, year and price. Our search produced 419 vehicles found from  local auto dealers and private sellers for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord, which is the largest number of search results out of all the car quote services we reviewed.

Edmunds has 8 pages of FAQs and they have a user forum that can be helpful with questions or problems. You can contact Edmunds by telephone or email.We emailed Edmunds and they responded with a detailed answer within a few hours.  They also offered other links for further information that was helpful.

With the extensive list of options that Edmunds offers it is an exceptional website to use when doing the research on your next vehicle purchase. They provide comprehensive information that includes pricing, expert reviews, video road tests, fuel economy and safety ratings on most cars sold in the United States. They will also find local dealers based on specific car makes, models and prices.

Official Site :http://www.edmunds.com


kelley blue book

Kelly Blue Book offers CARFAX reports for the low price of $34.99 for one report or $44.99 for five reports. A significantly small price to pay compared to losing that new client.

Kelley Blue Book has a great section on safety for the new and the experienced driver with tips and information that we can all use.

For example did you know that summer is the worst season for tires? More tire failures happen during the hotter months than at any other time during the year. A tire that is not properly inflated coupled with the heat of the highway will cause more flexing of the rubber. This will in turn cause the internal materials of the tire to break down which leads to a blow out.

Also rear tire damage is generally much more catastrophic than front tire damage. This is because the stability of having two tires in the rear of the vehicle may cause the automobile to spin out, leading to the possibility of the car turning over.

Ease of Use:
The design and organization of the Kelley Blue Book website makes finding information quick and easy. Kellye Blue Book has a search box that remains docked at the top regardless of which page you may be viewing.  This makes searching a snap.  Also on the top of each page, tabs identify each section of the website and multiple links throughout the site make navigation a breeze.

Effective Search Results:
Not only does Kelley Blue Book provide comprehensive industry information about hundreds of vehicles, they also point you toward some of the best deals in your area. They produced 178 vehicles for sale from local dealers and private sellers for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord.

Kelley Blue Book has an extensive list of FAQs about using their website, finding specific vehicle information and selling your car. We contacted them with questions and they provided helpful answers in less than 24 hours.

Kelley Blue Book is the long–trusted source for unbiased vehicle information and honest pricing for new and used cars. They provide extensive details about vehicle makes and models along with extra features like financing and insurance information. They were ranked behind our first pick only because they do not offer quite as much consumer information.
Official site :http://www.kbb.com/



CarsDirect car quote services offers an ample listing of different information including detailed information on new cars, used cars, certified used cars, and selling your vehicle, car maintenance among others.

They offer many detailed reports on how to purchase specific vehicle types for the least amount of money along with articles on safety, fuel efficient vehicles and even a guide to which models have the best audio systems.

Ease of Use:
CarsDirect car quote services are organized well with easy to use tabs at top of their site. The different sections of each page are in bold which makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly.

There are several car comparison articles offered and information on auto loans.

Effective Search Results:
To use these car quote services, enter an automobile make, model and year plus your zip code for available vehicles in your area from auto dealers and private sellers.

We conducted a test search for a Honda Accord and came up with 78 listings.

However, when searching for new cars after you enter your search parameters you are required to create a log in to receive your quote.

CarsDirect offers live help via chat and a list of FAQ’s and after a bit of searching around their website we were able to find a phone number, physical address and email address for questions.

Although CarsDirect has some detailed information, their car reviews and safety ratings are fairly limited compared to other services we reviewed.
Official site : http://www.carsdirect.com



If you are interested in going Green, Yahoo! Autos can help there as well. They offer several articles on green cars including how the ratings work on Green cars, how a vehicle impacts the environment and which are the best green vehicles to purchase.

Yahoo! Autos car quote services also provides great information on vehicle maintenance including a list of full articles on everything from air filters and warning lights to engine and exhaust issues.

Yahoo! Autos offer videos of vehicle road tests like first choice, Edmunds and second choice Kelley Blue Book do. They also use other car quote services sites for some of their information.

Yahoo! Autos car quote services provides all you need to find a car that is best suited for you. To search for new, used and certified used cars, simply enter your choice from a drop–down menu of makes, models, years, prices, mileage and finally, your zip code and you will see a list of available vehicles in your area from auto dealerships and private sellers. The list includes a photo of each car, the price, the VIN number, the mileage and the location of the auto dealer. Another great feature is the 360 degree photograph tour from car manufacturers, which provides a complete interior and exterior view of the car(s) that interest you.

Ease of Use:
Yahoo! Autos is easy to use. For navigation, links to the major sections of the website are conveniently located near the top of the home page. You can also search the site with keywords or phrases. The home page is packed with links to the site’s features and third party advertising, but it doesn’t appear cluttered and information is easy to find.

Effective Search Results:
For those of you who already know what car you want, we feel it’s important for a car quote services site to find and organize a large number of vehicles for sale in your area. Yahoo! Autos provided a list of 187 vehicles available from local auto dealerships and private sellers of our test vehicle.

Yahoo! Autos has a long list of FAQs about using their site; however, they only provide a feedback email form to contact them directly and a timely response to questions you may have is unlikely.

Yahoo! Autos provides a useful car quote services website. They offer extensive features to help you find detailed information on a variety of car makes and models as well as where to find the car you’re looking for in your area.
Official site  : http://autos.yahoo.com



AOL Autos is a free car quote services website that offers pricing information, comparisons, select video reviews and buying guides. The site also offers two choices for bloggers, AutoBlog and AutoBlog Green.

You can find quite a few articles, tips and advice about buying and selling cars and trucks. Additionally, a direct link to Kelley Blue Book will provide the value of a new or used car or truck.

However, AOL Autos does not offer the selling of vehicles for consumers instead you are redirected to AutoTrader.

AOL Autos car quote services offers many articles from different buying guides to the do it yourselfer who needs a little guidance on how to make a repair job run smoothly.
AOL Autos offers advice on buying and selling vehicles as well as maintenance advice.

Ease of Use:
AOL Autos provided the basic search information in an easy-to-understand format.  However there was some information that we had to dig for.

Effective Search Results:
When we searched for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord we found an impressive 306 vehicles available in our area. That amount was significantly larger than several of our other car quote services offered.

Contact information was not readily available on this car quote services site. We had to click on the Feedback form. In the pop up window a contact link was available.

AOL Autos is a user friendly website that can help with your car quote services needs, however if you are interested in more comprehensive information we suggest that you take a look at our higher ranked sites.
Official site : http://autos.aol.com



Vehix.com is a free Car Quote Services website that offers a variety of information on new, used and certified used cars and trucks for buyers and sellers. However, Vehix’s expert reviews are limited compared with the top three services.

Vehix.com provides in–depth information such as vehicle specifications, expert reviews, side–by–side comparisons and safety information on new, used and certified used cars. The expert reviews provide useful details on fuel economy, driving quality and overall pros and cons; however, they are not as comprehensive as our top three services.

In Vehix’s showroom, enter a car or truck make and model and Vehix will present a 360 degrees photographic tour of the interior and exterior from the manufacturer. You can also see how it will look in several different colors. Vehix also offers a limited selection of video road and crash tests.
Ease of Use:
To make it easy to navigate, Vehix has a menu toolbar located at the top of each page. Simply point to each major heading and a list of sub–categories will appear. For example, point to Research and you can choose from a long list of options such as reviews, vehicle specifications, buying guides and comparison tools.  However, the number of vehicles found was down considerably from our other reviews.  Vehix only found 141 of our test car, the Honda Accord.

To sell your car, you can find an appraisal value and Vehix will “walk” you through the process to post an ad.

Effective Search Results:
When you find the car or truck you want to buy, it’s important for a car quote services site to offer a good selection of vehicles for sale in your area. Enter the car make, model and year along with your zip code and Vehix will produce a list of dealers and private sellers in your area. Vehix produced a lower amount of available Honda Accords than our top services did.

Vehix offers a short list of seller FAQs and you can contact them by phone or email. We emailed them with questions but they did not reply.

Vehix.com is a good car quote services site that provides information on new, used and certified used cars with expert reviews, vehicle specifications and appraisal values. They also offer help in selling your current vehicle.
Official site : http://www.vehix.com/



Autobytel is a free car quote services website that provides information on new, used and certified used cars and trucks. They have select reviews, video road tests and photographs.

Through Autobytel’s car buying guide, you can read about a variety of information including the top ten new cars and trucks, best and worst gas mileage and the most expensive new cars and trucks.

The site offers a blog section where registered users are allowed to comment on published articles.

The website also contains information on different buying guides. One of the guides reviewed was the Crossover SUV Buying Guide. The article contained a brief review and minimal details about several different makes and models of crossover SUV’s. However there were links listed in each of the articles to their more informative reviews.

Autobytel also owns and operates Carsmart.com, Car.com, AutoSite.com, and CarTV.com

Ease of Use:
With tabs located at the top of the website, it is quite user friendly among car quote services we reviewed.

Informative articles are neatly linked on the left side of the screen making it easy to find the information you are looking for. However, many of these articles were linked back to other car quote service sites like Kelley Blue Book.

When trying to price a vehicle we found that you must create and use a log in.

Effective Search Results:
If you are using Autobytel car quote services  to locate a new vehicle be sure you know exactly what you are looking for and that you are ready to purchase as they only allow you to submit one purchase request at a time.

When you receive your listing of available vehicles, keep in mind that dealers must participate in the Autobytel network. Therefore the number of vehicles found for your search may be significantly reduced as compared to other car quote services.

You can search for available cars or trucks in your area by make, model and monthly payment. However, the search results were quite small with only 48 listings found for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord.

Autobytel offers a list of FAQs or you can reach their customer service by phone or email.

While Autobytel offers some great information and resources, we recommend that for a car quote services website with detailed reviews and impressive search results for vehicles available in your area, see our No. 1 product, Edmunds.
Official site : http://www.autobytel.com/



AutoTrader can help you find local dealers, auto loans, insurance and they even offer services to help with the selling of your vehicle.
AutoTrader offers information on classic cars through their website AutoTraderClassics.com. This is just one of the features that no other car quote services website seems to offer.

Ease of Use:
AutoTrader’s car quote services website is easy to navigate with a menu bar located at the top of each page and multiple links. Each page is well organized and offers a wide variety of information without appearing cluttered.

To sell your car, AutoTrader will “walk” you through the process of creating an ad as well as provide tips and advice.

Effective Search Results:
In addition to providing a useful section to sell your car, this car quote services site produced 422 vehicles available in our area from auto dealers and private sellers for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord.

AutoTrader offers a large selection of FAQ’s under different topic headings.
They also offer a toll free phone number with their hours listed as well.
By clicking the Email Us link we were taken to an email form.

AutoTrader is an excellent place to sell your vehicle and a good place to search for a new vehicle.  Our No. 1 service, Edmunds, even uses AutoTrader as a classified section to post ads for cars and trucks from auto dealers and private sellers.
Official site :http://www.autotrader.com



MSN car quote services offers articles on certified pre-owned vehicles as well. They offer advice on the most dependable vehicles, the best ways to shop for certified vehicles and how to find a warranty for your certified pre-owned vehicle.

If you are looking for a specific auto show, check out their auto show directory.

These car quote services offer a great way to manage your car and maintenance schedule. After you sign up to be a member of MSN you have the ability to receive email notifications on service reminders and recall notices. They also offer detailed up to the minute traffic information and the lowest fuel prices in your neighborhood.

Effective Search Results:
When using car quote services we searched for our test vehicle, the Honda Accord, and were redirected to AutoTrader.

MSN Autos offers a list of FAQ’s, as well as an email contact form however we were unable to find any phone numbers.

While MSN Autos is a great site we suggest you visit our first choice, Edmunds for a car quote services website that offers detailed reviews and a large number of local vehicles.
Official site : http://home.autos.msn.com/



The CarMax auto superstore offers a free car quote services website consisting of their vehicle inventory in 22 states. They offer detailed vehicle reviews on new and used cars and trucks.

In order to get an appraisal of your vehicle, you just need to drive the vehicle into a CarMax location. You don’t even have to go through the process of setting up an appointment.

If you choose to sell your car to CarMax you will receive a bank draft for payment.

The appraisal is valid for one week and is good at all CarMax locations.

They also provide a direct link to Kelley Blue Book to ensure that you get a competitive price.
Are you looking for a commuter vehicle? A vehicle to take on vacations? Towing a trailer? What is your price range? Are you looking for a new vehicle or would you be satisfied with something that is a few years old? Do you have a specific brand that you have vowed to purchase because someone has recommended it to you? Or are you neutral on what brand to purchase? Are you looking to purchase an SUV, a convertible or a sedan? Perhaps you are interested in purchasing a truck with four-wheel drive.
How about the specs of your next vehicle? Are you looking for something with great fuel economy or are you looking for something that will seat the entire family?
How important are all of these factors in your next vehicle?

Take a simple quiz answering the questions above and CarMax will provide you a listing of the best vehicles to meet your needs.
Ease of Use:
The CarMax website is user friendly and straightforward. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand and non-cluttered format.

Effective Search Results:
You can search the inventory of the nearest CarMax location in your area; however, we could only find 3 vehicles available for our test search, the Honda Accord.

You can contact their corporate headquarters by phone or email or you can contact the nearest store location.

They also have holiday hours listed on their website, which we found to be convenient.

CarMax offers some great features, but for a car quote services website that provides a large number of search results from auto dealers and private sellers, see Edmunds.
Official site : http://www.carmax.com/

Finally, We hope this article (Top 10 Best Car Quote Service Review) help you in choosing Best Car Quote Service! Thanks!

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