best stocks to invest in 2021

What are the best stocks to invest in 2022?

we have selected the most appropriate opportunities to invest profitably in the Stock Market.

That is why we have created this guide in order to identify the best stocks to invest in 2021. The stocks were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Capitalization
  • Yield obtained
  • Growth potential of the sector

The combination of all three will provide a really interesting context in which to invest!

In times of pandemic, it is not easy to identify really promising companies to invest our money with. Everything is very uncertain and volatile. However, the coronavirus has outlined some   really interesting investment opportunities even in the long term.

An example? The pharmaceutical sector! Or the business linked to Smart Working. In short, it is full of opportunities to buy stocks successfully, what is needed is a well done market analysis. 

That is why in our ranking we have only included well-capitalized companies with a respectable track record in the last 12 months.

What are the 20 best stocks to invest in 2022? Here is the ranking:

Electronic artsEA⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Enphase EnergyENPH⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Orion EnergyOESX⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Just eatTKWY⭐️⭐️⭐️
Square IncSQ⭐️⭐️⭐️

1. Pfizer shares

  • Market: NYSE
  • Ticker: PFE
  • P / E: 20.35

We all know the name, it is one of the  largest pharmaceutical stocks in the world. Its future success, as we know, lies in the anti-covid vaccine that  Pfizer will launch on the market in January 2021.

The company’s profits will skyrocket: will its price follow suit? In all likelihood yes, the stock’s rating is currently “strong buy.”

2. Modern Actions

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: MRNA
  • P / E: 132.33

Also in the Pharma sector we find Moderna , one of the best American stocks of 2020. Listed on the Nasdaq, it has a vaccine ready to be approved in Europe.

3. Astrazeneca shares

  • Market: LSE
  • Ticker: AZN
  • P / E: 37.89

We concluded the Top 3 Pharmaceutical Companies with Astrazeneca , a Cambridge-based company that has developed a highly effective vaccine.

Some bureaucratic setbacks have slowed his definitive rise. The project was co-financed at the European level and in 2021 the title is preparing to put the turbo on the markets.

4. Snowflake Actions

  • Market: NYSE
  • Ticker: SNOW
  • P / E: /

Let’s change the sector and move on to technology. We are talking about one of the  best IPOs  of 2020, thanks to an innovative project linked to the Cloud. Snowflake allows you to integrate a series of digital functions in a single solution.

In times of smart working, their offering has proven to be of high quality and customers have increased dramatically. A title that will remain under strong observation for 2021.

5. Adobe Actions

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: ADBE
  • P / E: 42.69

The world leader in PDF (and more!), Adobe is one of the largest technology companies in America. Soon the famous Flash Player will be retired, however the company is ready to launch new products to consolidate its position in the market.

2020 was really positive, with + 50% which bodes well for all of 2021.

6. Roku Actions

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: ROKU
  • P / E: 412.33

Still little known to the general public, Roku is actually a mainstay in the field of streaming, media players, and adware. Its services are increasingly in demand and in 2020 the value of its shares has tripled.

Growth margins remain very high and analysts see Raku as one of the most promising emerging stocks to bet on.

7. Electronic Arts Actions

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: EA
  • P / E: 49.47

This company is already well known to the public with its famous slogan “EA Sport to the game!”. Active since 1982 and listed on the Nasdaq, in 2020 Electronic Arts experienced a second youth with the title that doubled its price.

The videogames sector is booming, specific ETFs are born and the fundamentals of the sector are good. In essence, it will not be an increase due to confinement alone.

8. Enphase Energy Actions

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: ENPH
  • P / E: 231

Here is finally some great green action with interesting potential. Based in California,Enphase Energy’s core business is software design to manage and optimize home energy.

How? Through modern solar energy storage systems (and more) and optimized programs for their management. Shares in the stock market are literally flying: + 150% in 8 months!

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9. Orion Energy Shares

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: OESX
  • P / E: 55.20

The renewables sector continues to grow, especially thanks to the Next Generation EU program that includes massive investments in this asset. Also in the United States we find Orion Energy , famous for its low-impact artificial lighting solutions.

The beginnings were not positive (2008), however we are at a turning point for the company: will 2021 be the year of the definitive consecration?

10. Lemonade Actions

  • Market: NYSE
  • Ticker: LMND
  • P / E: /

Another successful IPO (compiled on NYSE in July 2020), Lemonade’s share value continues to rise. Starting at a value of just over $ 60 / share, the goal to date is $ 100: one of the best startups of the year.

Lemonade tries to digitize insurance services, with innovative proposals and with the aim of covering a good percentage of clients who currently do not have an active policy.

11. Tesla Stock

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: TSLA
  • P / E: 591.13

Tesla shares are among the most in demand in the world. The company Elon Musk is having great success with the business increasingly appreciated electric cars.

TSLA shares have already been split, due to the high demand, and despite a high Price / Earning the shares continue to fly.

Even today, investing in Tesla is a winning bet!

12. AMD shares

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: AMD
  • P / E: 33.14

Here’s one of the best stocks to invest in, part of the Tech sector: the AMD group .

This is the leading company in microprocessors, CPUs and graphics cards for computers. Based in California , AMD’s stock doubled in value in 6 months before settling at a $ 70 level.

The Target of this stock is bullish and we suggest including it in our investment portfolio due to its great potential.

13. Coinbase Shares

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: COIN
  • P / E: 99.25

Coinbase shares were the surprise of the first half of 2021. Listed on the Nasdaq , they represent the first company in the world of cryptocurrencies to enter the stock market.

The interest around the share was very high, so much so that in the first days of trading the value soared. Now there is a situation of greater tranquility, however, the potential of this exchange of digital currencies is very high.

14. Santander shares

  • Market: BME
  • Ticker: SAN
  • P / E: /

Santander is one of the largest banking groups in the world and operates mainly in Spain and Latin America.

Despite the stock’s still relatively low value, the upside potential is evident: already in 2020 the stock doubled in value in a few months.

Despite the pandemic, Santander was one of the few banks that offered an effective response to shareholders and was rewarded with large acquisitions.

Within a portfolio of equity investments, we always suggest having 2 or 3 bank stocks for good diversification.

15. Iberdrola shares

  • Market: BME
  • Ticker: IBE
  • P / E: 21.38

One of the best actions of the Spanish Ibex 35 , the Iberdrola Group operates in the field of renewable energies .

This sector is growing rapidly, especially as a result of the commitments made by the different States with the Next Generation EU Fund, which favors companies active in this field.

Analysts consider that investing in Iberdola is a smart measure to optimize the return on our investment in 2021.

16. NIO shares

  • Market: NYSE
  • Ticker: NIO
  • P / E: /

Considered the “Asian Tesla”,

NIO’s main activity is the production of cars and components for electric vehicles.

What is probably considered the Business of the future and what has made NIO one of the best Chinese stocks of the last 10 years.

Its trend on the NYSE is undoubtedly positive, with a big rally in 2020 and still ongoing.

17. Zoom Actions

  • Market: NYSE
  • Ticker: ZM
  • P / E: 129

Zoom Video Communication is the technology company that has recently stood out with its video conferencing platform.

The pandemic has certainly contributed to its recent spread, but the company also has numerous projects ready to hit the market.

Ideas that will enrich your communication services and also connect users who do not speak the same language.

18. Just Eat Actions

  • Market: Amsterdam
  • Ticker: TKWY
  • P / E: /

The take away food sector is constantly growing and companies like just Eat are benefiting from this trend.

The company’s shares are listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, so we can consider TKWY as one of the best Dutch stocks to invest in.

To diversify our equity portfolio, Just Eat is a really good solution.

19. Nvidia Actions

  • Market: Nasdaq
  • Ticker: NVDA
  • P / E: 93

Among the US stocks we find a real revelation: Nvidia . A leader in the field of microprocessors, this stock has performed well in the market and is one of the best technology stocks in the United States.

Many analysts believe that it has only set the stage for a greater advantage with Target $ 1,000 per share.

A fairly high P / E allows us to hypothesize that NVDA will slow down before resuming the uptrend, so it will be important to enter the market at the right time.

20. Square Actions

  • Market: NYSE
  • Ticker: SQ
  • P / E: 262

The digital payments sector will be increasingly central in the Fintech world and in the real economy. That’s why investing in stocks like Square Inc. could be a great idea.

Californian company, it is among the best in the field of digital payments and innovations in payment methods. It’s no coincidence that your shares have already tripled in value in just 12 months!

So here are the 3 steps to follow to buy the best stocks of 2021:

  1. Establish how much money we want to allocate to investment
  2. Define our time horizon
  3. Register with a certified broker

➤  Determine how much money to invest

Good news: € 200 is enough to bet on these promising stocks! It is not necessary to present large figures, on the contrary. Of course, our suggestion is to invest only an amount of money that we can afford to lose.

However, it is clear that trading € 200 greatly reduces risk or adversity. 

➤  Define a time horizon

The companies we have listed have zero growth opportunity, especially in the long term. However, thanks to specialized brokers and CFD contracts, it will be possible to open and close the investment in a few minutes.

Some stocks can be kept in the drawer, while others lend themselves well to daily speculation in order to maximize price fluctuations.

The solution consists of working with CFD contracts (Contract For Difference) and having the possibility of opening / closing our investment at will and without fixed costs. 

➤  Choose a certified broker

How to do it better? It will be enough to choose only EU brand brokers, regulated by at least one of the main bodies:

  • FCA
  • CySec
  • Consob
  • CNMV

Once the broker has been chosen, registration is complete in a few minutes . In this sense, we suggest having two documents already scanned in PDF:

  • DNI
  • Proof of residence

Then you will have to fill in the Mifid questionnaire   (for those residing in Europe) and  voila : in a few minutes our Trading account will be active!

In this guide,  we have offered some great solutions regarding the 10 best stocks to buy in 2021.

The choice includes stocks of great interest and with a very high growth potential! A good portfolio made up of listed companies will undoubtedly be competitive, diversified and manageable with a click.

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